What I’m Cooking: Quinoa & Spinach Egg Scramble (for Eileen)


So I posted this picture of my Quiona & Spinach Egg Scramble a few days ago on Instagram (@fleurdecurl), and had no idea people would love it so much.  I promised Eileen that I would post a recipe for it, so I returned home from my workout today and couldn’t wait to share how I made my rendition of the scramble.

Here is what I used…

  • 1 Teaspoon of coconut oil
  • 1 quarter of a red bell pepper
  • 1 quarter of a yellow bell pepper
  • 1 quarter of an orange bell pepper
  • a handful of pearl onions
  • 1 cup of fresh spinach
  • 2 Large Organic Cage Free Eggs
  • Tony Chachere’s Salt-Free Seasoning Mix, ground turmeric, ground cumin, onion powder, garlic powder to taste
  • 1 Teaspoon of Coconut milk
  • 1 half cup of cooked Quinoa
  • a handful of Chopped green onions
  • and light Sharp Cheddar cheese

So…What did I do?

First of all, I warmed the coconut oil in a large skillet until it was hot and melted through.  I added my bell peppers and onion and mixed around until they were soft and translucent.  Once I saw that my onions were cooked through, I added the spinach and sauteed it with the bell peppers and onion until it became soft and cooked through.

While the spinach is cooking, I broke the eggs  into a bowl and added the seasoning to taste.  I mixed in the teaspoon of coconut milk and sat that aside while I sauteed the spinach.

After the spinach cooked thoroughly, I added the cooked quinoa and stir fried it in with the spinach, bell peppers and onions until the quinoa cooked thoroughly.  I then took moved everything in the skillet around to the edges and poured the egg mixture in the middle slowly adding the spinach/quinoa mixture with the egg until the egg cooked through.

Last but not least, I topped everything with a green onion and sharp cheddar garnish.  If you are making this dish, I would allow for the green onion and cheddar mixture heat up in the pan a little with the Quinoa and Egg mixture to it can be melty and stir in easily.

A lot of people eat this for breakfast…but I plated it and ate it for lunch at work and it was so yummy!


What I’m Crafting: DIY Wedding Card Box


So when my uncle and his girlfriend told me they were planning a Spring wedding, I knew that I wanted to do something. I see so many different ideas for wedding décor and planning on the Internet, my mind roared into overtime with ideas on things that I wanted to help with. Since they were together so long, (20 years to be exact) my mom suggested that they place a money box among the décor of their wedding/guest book table instead of accepting traditional wedding presents. When she said that, I suggested that instead of purchasing a pricy money box (online or in the store) that I would happily make one, along with a guest book.

I couldn’t wait to hit up Michael’s, JoAnn, and Dollar Tree and found good deals at all of the stores. At Michael’s, I used a 40% off coupon and at JoAnn, I was able to use a 25% off entire purchase plus 30% off one item coupon at the same time. I must have spent a total of 25 dollars for all of my supplies, which included a few goodies for myself, goodies to make the guest book, and goodies for my shoppers at UrbanistaNoir.com.

I decided to share my crafting experience with you guys with instructions on how I made the card box that will be used at my Uncle’s wedding.

Here’s what I purchased:


  • A Set of 3 Nested Paper Mache Boxes
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (Lavender)
  • Ribbon (Rhinestone, Dark Purple, Lavender)
  • A Purple Flower Pin
  • Glitter Craft Tape (not pictured–Dollar Tree)
  • An X-acto Knife
  • Paint Brushes (dollar tree)
  • Glue (Glue Gun or Crafting Glue)
  • a 4×6 Photo Frame (dollar tree)


First I painted all of the paper mache boxes…tops and bottoms…and laid them on newspaper to dry completely. I made sure that I had enough coats of paint to completely cover the boxes since I did not prime them because Lavender is so light.


When the boxes were dry, I measured around the tops of the boxes with the rhinestone ribbon, cut it to the proper size and glued it down using a glue gun.


I then used the X-acto knife to carve an envelope slot in the largest box. I used an actual card to measure the slot.

I then rubbed around my newly cut hole with some light sand paper I had around the house. You don’t have to do that, especially if you will be covering the hole with ribbon like I did.

I took the smaller, lighter color ribbon that I purchased and glued it around the envelope slot making sure that I covered the jagged edges made from cutting the hole with the X-acto knife.

I took the glitter craft tape and covered the ribbon that I just glued around the envelope slot.

After everything dried, I placed the tops of the boxes on each box, and then stacked the boxes on top of each other, largest to smallest. After placing them where I wanted them, I glued them down with my craft glue. I placed the boxes aside and allowed them to dry.

After the glue dried, I took my larger dark purple (contrast) ribbon and wrapped it around the box, gluing some areas down and tying it at the top. I then secured the knot with a flower pin.

When I was done, I took the cardboard that was inside of the photo frame and painted it with my left over paint.  I allowed for it to dry and took a marker and stenciled in ‘Cards’.  I placed the cardboard back into the photo frame.

And here’s what I got…



I am currently working on the guest book and will blog about it when I am done. I hope you enjoyed. If you try it out, please tag me in your online photos.

Until Next Time…

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Bloody Sunday: The Nation Commemorates 50th Anniversary Of Selma March (LIVE BLOG)

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Fleur De Curl:

Awesome post from NewsOne…

Originally posted on News One:

Edmund Pettus Bridge/Selma Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

[ione_image_credit width=”300″ caption=”1″ align=”alignnone” text=”Getty”][/ione_image_credit]

Fifty years ago, police in Selma, Ala., brutally beat peaceful protestors attempting to march over the now infamous Edmund Pettus Bridge — a roadway named after a Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan — to demonstrate in support of voting rights.

That day, dubbed “Bloody Sunday,” left many, including Congressman John Lewis, battered and seriously injured. It did not, however, break their spirit. Two days later Dr. Martin Luther King led a couple thousand back to the bridge in an attempt to march to Montgomery. They turned around, but only days later (March 21) the march continued with the protection of Army troops. Now, 50 years later we remember Bloody Sunday as the event that ushered in the Voting Rights Act, which President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law in August of 1965.

Today, March 7, we reflect…

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Positive Reaction to Ignorance: Why Zendaya’s Public Response is Important


Whenever we can correct negative stereotypes about our hair and also the look and culture of Black and Hispanic women, we’ve made progress. Whenever we can be sisters and get together and show our solidarity and love for each other in the eyes of the people who attempt to cast stereotypes—consciously or not– we’ve made progress. Why am I saying this? We’ve all read the story over social media in the last few days: Giuliana Ranic made comments about Zendaya Coleman’s Locs on “Fashion Police” stating: “I feel that she smells like patchouli oil…or weed…Yeah, maybe weed?” Although the comment was meant to be funny, it can equally be noted as a negative stereotype put out there into the atmosphere that sheds negativity on the culture of Locs and Natural Hair in general.


Plenty of times, when I am wearing my Natural Hair in its absolute fullness and glory, people make ‘Erykah Badu’ or ‘Macy Gray’ comments. I hear things along the line of ‘Black Power’ or ‘Angela Davis’. People make these comments to seem amusing, but what they fail to realize is that they are perpetuating a stereotype on hair that grows naturally from my scalp. Because I choose to wear my hair the way that I do does not mean that I have the same sentiments of the women that they compare me to.   My hairstyle is an image of self and cultural love that displays a positive image of a Black woman who has self-esteem, self-worth and reverence of where she’s come from and where she is going.

The letter that Zendaya Coleman wrote in response to the comment made by Ranic was beautiful. It pulled on my heartstrings, it made me proud of her and proud to be a part of her company. She is a gorgeous young lady—with Locs or not; and I am equally proud that she can wear her hair in this style and defend herself when someone—harmless or not—perpetuates stereotypes about her hair that are not only false but offensive as well.

Of course, people are angry with Ranic, but I do not think we should waste our emotions on ignorance. The time that we take to be angry, we can use to plant positive images of Locs and Natural Hair into the psyche of those who do not know better. Maybe, then just maybe, our hair will not be one of wonderment where the ignorant take one image and apply it to everyone who chooses to wear their hair in any particular style. Maybe just maybe, our naturalness can be more accepted in the mainstream and not prodded, poked, made fun of, shunned, examined or touched.

Giuliana made an apology that was sincere and pointed out something very important that we all as humans should take note of…even if our comments seem harmless, we need to evaluate what we say because we can be offending someone or perpetuating negative falsities about people who are doing things to uplift themselves, their culture, and their progress.

Until Next Time…

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A Lawsuit Against Ferguson Police May Be Coming Soon & We’re Like It’s About Time

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Fleur De Curl:

This is an interesting article.

Originally posted on HelloBeautiful:

The Department of Justice is seriously close to filing a lawsuit against the police department of Ferguson, seven months after disgraced cop Darren Wilson fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown back in August.

MUST READ: BEAUTIFUL NEWS: Talib Kweli’s Ferguson Fundraiser Has Raised Over $100,000!

The lawsuit will be the result of the investigation into Brown’s death, which began in SeptemberAttorney General Eric Holderon behalf of the Obama Administrationvisited Ferguson to inquire further about the matter and witnessed the non-peaceful protests. The lawsuit as a whole will be a response to the trail of racially-charged deaths and discriminatory tactics by the police department, and because Ferguson hasn’t introduced a new or changed guideline for cops to abide by. The suit is a last resort effort to get those imperative adjustments done. Wilson, however will be exempt from any charges. Of course.

Holder informed reporters…

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