Hair Review: Sarah from Especially Yours

So when my mother waived the “Especially Yours” catalog under my nose a few weeks ago, I had no idea that I would purchase something and love it.

“I’m ordering a wig…I’ll get you one too…” she tempted me while handing me the catalog…

You guys already know that I have a few straight long haired wigs, (one affectionately named ‘Amy’—and called out by my friend Heather every time I wear it); so I am not against wearing wigs at all…especially when I am using them as a protective style. Sometimes I want to my hair straight, so instead of using heat to achieve a style, I condition, moisturize, braid and protect my hair…then throw Amy on and have a good time. This time though, it was different…I knew that I wanted short hair.


photo from

When looking through the catalog, I immediately noticed ‘Sarah’, a short haired wig that reminded me of the short haircut rocked by Toni Braxton in the 90s. I immediately selected that wig and told my mom to hook me up for $19.99, especially since the wig was originally $69.99. We placed the order and while waiting for the shipment, I read the reviews…

Now, you guys already know about how I feel about people making opinions on the internet. Sometimes people are believable, sometimes, they say things out of malice. The 3 out of 5 stars and reviews about the wig immediately frightened me, but when I thought about how much was paid, it instantly resonated in me that you get what you pay for and if I can get some good use out of a cheap wig, I’ll be happy. I sometimes spend more than $20 on a swanky meal and adult beverage when I’m hanging out with my friends, so I would just chalk up the loss if there was one…


Excuse my fuzzy pics! LOL. Lighting in my house is horrible!

The wig arrived Saturday evening and I was immediately impressed with the packaging. I removed the wig from the bag; shaked it awake as it stated on the card in the box and placed it on my head. I immediately noticed that the wig that I received did not look like the one on the model in the picture…or if it did, they took the picture at an angle that I was not able to see everything. I reviewed the catalog again to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and only saw the one pose for the hair. In all of my excitement of getting a short haircut, I didn’t even notice that only one angle of the hair style was displayed online and in the catalog. I positioned the hair correctly on my head and even though what I saw wasn’t what I expected, I liked it. I liked it a lot.


After wearing the hair for a day or so and getting complements on my look, I asked John to trim the hair a little bit because the bangs were extremely long and was in my eyes. We trimmed up the hair a little more to make it look more natural and friendly to the frame of my face. Since my face is oval/square, the hair fit my head perfectly.   I haven’t had any performance issues with the hair as of yet. It wears well, looks good and shakes back into place easily. It hasn’t tangled yet, and since the cut is so short, I really don’t think it will. I am not good at wig reviews because I hardly every wear them, but I thought I would share my thoughts with you on ‘Sarah’ and ‘Especially Yours’.


My hair was in 01B.

Especially Yours

Pros: Great products at a great price. The models are representative of beautiful black women and the shipping was fast and easy. The agent who took the order was friendly and explained the process perfectly. I received a quality wig at a great price.

Cons: There are not many descriptive pictures of the products online and in the catalog. This company does not state if they are a totally Black company. If you receive a catalog, you have to call a toll free number to place an order instead of ordering online to get the same price.

All in all, I enjoyed my experience with Especially Yours and I love my new hair. I cannot wait to rock it again and have the perfect makeup combo to go with it. I’ll of course keep you posted about my looks on my Instagram page: @fleurdecurl .

Let me know if you have any hair ideas for me. I love trying new things and love having you involved with some of my looks!

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Giveaway Winners

It’s announcement time! To those of you guys who participated in the giveaway…thank you!  I really wish I could give all of my subscribers a little something to show my appreciation and gratitude, but hopefully I there are a diverse group of winners every time there’s a giveaway.  You guys are the best subscribers a blogger can have…thank you for your support and your personal messages.

Shout out to the winners!  All winners will be emailed and their prizes will be ordered and shipped by the end of next week.

So…who won you asked?

Giveaway 1: Happi2bNatural Cleansing Conditioner:



Giveaway 2: Phased Body Basket


Giveaway 3: Headwrap from Toni Dailey


Guys, be on the look out for more giveaways this year.  I love to pick up items when I am at Natural Hair meetups/shows.  On the horizon, I see myself at the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo for Essence weekend and International Natural Hair Meetup Day.  I always cover these events for those of you who cannot attend… and pick up goodies to share.  If you would like for me to attend an event that you are covering, contact me and I will be honored to cover your event!  If you would like to sponsor a giveaway of your product or a post, please contact me as well and I will be happy to set something up.

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How to Properly Tighten Your Skin

31 Jul 2013 --- Black woman wiping face with cotton pad --- Image by © JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis

 Image by © JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis

When it comes to the world of skin tightening, it can be difficult to know which treatment to use. There are so many methods out there that claim to fix wrinkles and skin sags. Narrowing down the field can seem like a daunting task, but there are ways to make it easier.

Choose a Treatment Based on the Level of the Issue
First, it might help to think of skin treatments in terms of levels. A low-level option would be something like a cream or lotion, while a high-level option would be a facelift or other skin surgery. It’s important for the level of treatment to match the level of your skin issue. In other words, if all you have is a couple little wrinkles, you shouldn’t bother trying to make a surgical appointment.

The opposite is also true. If you have severe skin sags, you can’t expect that a simple cream or lotion applied at home will fix the problem, especially overnight. Even under perfect circumstances, most lotions and creams are better at preventing wrinkles when they’re applied regularly than they are at fixing wrinkles you may already have.

Then there are the middle of the road treatments. There are a lot of those, include having your skin problems corrected with Botox injections, aesthetic laser machines, microdermabrasion and more. Those are the types of treatments that can correct skin problems that have progressed a bit, but they often require more than one treatment to be effective.

Choose a Treatment Meant for Your Skin
The next thing that can impact your decision is that you need to choose a procedure that is appropriate for your skin. The color of your skin, whether it is oily or dry, the extent of the sags or wrinkles themselves, and other skin issues that you have all need to be taken into account.

For instance, a laser treatment might seem like the perfect way to stimulate your skin and encourage it to repair itself. That could be true, but not necessarily if your skin is oily. The reason is that the heat from the lasers can actually cause your skin oils to get too hot, resulting in blisters. So, whether lasers are a good or bad option may have less to do with what you’re trying to treat and more to do with the basic properties of your skin.

Other preexisting skin problems can also impact your results. For example, it wouldn’t be good to treat your skin sags if you’re making your adult acne or rosacea worse at the same time. So, any other skin issues like that need to be factored into your treatment plan.

As you can see, there are really no completely good or bad skin tightening treatments. But the differences between them can make some of them better or worse for certain patients. The key is to have patience when you’re looking for the right one. It may take a little time, but there are treatments out there that can properly tighten your skin without causing any extra problems.

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Hey Hey Hey…It’s a Giveaway!


It’s definitely giveaway time! I have three different giveaways this month and cannot wait to share them with you.

So, what’s in these giveaways you ask?
Cool stuff of course…

Giveaway 1: Happi2bNatural Cleansing Conditioner

If you know me, you know I live by the cowash and conditioning creams. I’ve gone from Wen to Renpure organics Conditioning Creams. I was happily surprised to see a Sista Owned Company: Happi2bNatural selling an awesome Conditioning Cream as well. Because of that, I wanted to share this with you. Giveaway 1 contains a Conditioning Cream of your choice from Happi2BeNatural! When you win this giveaway, you will tell me which one you want and I’ll make sure you have it to enjoy. Do not forget, if you love FleurDeCurl, Happi2BNatural has a coupon code for FleurDeCurl Subscribers: FDC25! ( Check out this sista owned business and let’s show some support!


Photo Credit: (happi2bnatural)

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Giveaway 2: Phased Body Gift Basket


Photo Credit: Phased Body

I know Christmas passed, but we are giving away a gift basket from PhasedBody bars, another sista owned business that I am a part of. Phased makes handmade body bars that are beneficial to the overall health of your skin. We have multiple bars for you to choose from and with this giveaway, you get to choose if you want a basket including an Oatmeal Body bar, Coconut Body Bar, Cup O’Joe Body Bar or Eczema/Skin Problems Bar. When you win this giveaway, you will tell me which one you want and I’ll make sure you have it to enjoy. You can follow Phased on Instagram: @PhasedBody or on our etsy site at:

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Giveaway 3: Headwrap from Toni Dailey

                I love Toni Daley and because she further awakened the Sista Owned business support within me, so I wanted to support her in this last giveaway. I ordered one of her Headwraps a year or two ago and I wear it so much…I love it. I wanted to share that love with you guys. For this giveaway, you have a choice of any available headwrap from the Toni Dailey website. When you win this giveaway, you can choose which ever headwrap you want and an alternate if the one that you are requesting is not available. You can follow Toni on YouTube at: and

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I hope that you enjoy these small tokens of my appreciation for your subscriber-ship!

The companies involved in this giveaway were selected because I believe that their products will be beneficial to my subscribers. I have not sponsored this giveaway with any of the companies involved and am using funds generated from the activity of this blog to pay for all winnings. Asking to follow these companies are just in support of Sista owned business and should not be seen as an endorsement other than what I’ve described in this post.

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Happy New Year Subscribers!

I’ve been here…and there…and everywhere.  The past few months, I’ve been evaluating my life and the direction that it’s going.  I’ve been making decisions regarding my career, the continuance of my education and where I want to be.  I’ve not forgotten about the blog at all, but have been making decisions that will help fund the future of this space.  I appreciate you guys hitting me up on social media and requesting more written content on the blog.

I’m starting the new year with–of course–a giveaway!  Stay tuned toward the end of the month for more info regarding the giveaway and how you and your friends can enter to win free stuff in appreciation for your continued subscriber ship to this blog.

The last few months have also been awakening to me regarding constant injustices seen not only in the media and social media, but within my own life looking for a career change.  When time and opportunity permits, I will blog about that. I am also waiting on a wonderful blog post from our guest blogger Robert Isaac, so please stay tuned for that.

What else have I been doing?

Watching a lot of Vloggers such as Kat Blaque:


Watching tons of Democracy Now!


And dreaming of improving my life through a career change that allows me to use my background in Writing and Communications while also finding a balance within properly managing my type 1 diabetes and taking care of my 5-year-old natural hair!


Of course, I would never forget you guys…you make my world go round.  You are the reason I am a presence in social media and blogging.  I appreciate you and regular content–starting with a giveaway will resume!

But, until next time:




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