Positive Reaction to Ignorance: Why Zendaya’s Public Response is Important

Whenever we can correct negative stereotypes about our hair and also the look and culture of Black and Hispanic women, we’ve made progress. Whenever we can be sisters and get together and show our solidarity and love for each other in the eyes of the people who attempt to cast stereotypes—consciously or not– we’ve made progress. Why am I saying this? We’ve all read the story over social media in the last few days: Giuliana Ranic made comments about Zendaya Coleman’s Locs on “Fashion Police” stating: “I feel that she smells like patchouli oil…or weed…Yeah, maybe weed?” Although the comment was meant to be funny, it can equally be noted as a negative stereotype put out there into the atmosphere that sheds negativity on the culture of Locs and Natural Hair in general.


Plenty of times, when I am wearing my Natural Hair in its absolute fullness and glory, people make ‘Erykah Badu’ or ‘Macy Gray’ comments. I hear things along the line of ‘Black Power’ or ‘Angela Davis’. People make these comments to seem amusing, but what they fail to realize is that they are perpetuating a stereotype on hair that grows naturally from my scalp. Because I choose to wear my hair the way that I do does not mean that I have the same sentiments of the women that they compare me to.   My hairstyle is an image of self and cultural love that displays a positive image of a Black woman who has self-esteem, self-worth and reverence of where she’s come from and where she is going.

The letter that Zendaya Coleman wrote in response to the comment made by Ranic was beautiful. It pulled on my heartstrings, it made me proud of her and proud to be a part of her company. She is a gorgeous young lady—with Locs or not; and I am equally proud that she can wear her hair in this style and defend herself when someone—harmless or not—perpetuates stereotypes about her hair that are not only false but offensive as well.

Of course, people are angry with Ranic, but I do not think we should waste our emotions on ignorance. The time that we take to be angry, we can use to plant positive images of Locs and Natural Hair into the psyche of those who do not know better. Maybe, then just maybe, our hair will not be one of wonderment where the ignorant take one image and apply it to everyone who chooses to wear their hair in any particular style. Maybe just maybe, our naturalness can be more accepted in the mainstream and not prodded, poked, made fun of, shunned, examined or touched.

Giuliana made an apology that was sincere and pointed out something very important that we all as humans should take note of…even if our comments seem harmless, we need to evaluate what we say because we can be offending someone or perpetuating negative falsities about people who are doing things to uplift themselves, their culture, and their progress.

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A Lawsuit Against Ferguson Police May Be Coming Soon & We’re Like It’s About Time

Fleur De Curl:

This is an interesting article.

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The Department of Justice is seriously close to filing a lawsuit against the police department of Ferguson, seven months after disgraced cop Darren Wilson fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown back in August.

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The lawsuit will be the result of the investigation into Brown’s death, which began in SeptemberAttorney General Eric Holderon behalf of the Obama Administrationvisited Ferguson to inquire further about the matter and witnessed the non-peaceful protests. The lawsuit as a whole will be a response to the trail of racially-charged deaths and discriminatory tactics by the police department, and because Ferguson hasn’t introduced a new or changed guideline for cops to abide by. The suit is a last resort effort to get those imperative adjustments done. Wilson, however will be exempt from any charges. Of course.

Holder informed reporters…

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Secrets For A Non-Damaging Blow Out

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woman smiling straight hair

Being natural doesn’t mean you can’t wear your hair silky straight every now and then. I mean, it is your hair AND your prerogative. What you need to be concerned about is how you make this transformation from big and curly to bouncy and straight without killing your hair. With the right method and products, you can be worry and damaged hair free.

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Blow Dry The Right Way

Before you apply any heat to your hair, it is important to apply a good leave-in conditioner and heat protectant while it is still wet. The conditioner will give your hair added moisture and the protectant spray will smooth out the cuticles.  After applying, detangle and comb product through your hair. When detangling, make sure to always start from tip to roots. This prevents breakage. Just a special…

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20 Black Beauty & Style Vloggers You Should Know

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YouTube is more than a place to watch funny viral videos or learn the latest dance craze sweeping the nation. The digital platform houses some of the most powerful beauty influencers in media today. Youtube gurus, or vloggers, share their expertise and product reviews with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, transforming the beauty industry with every new clip.

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Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration or hoping to perfect your contouring skills, there’s a YouTube video that addresses all your fashion and beauty needs. To take the guesswork out of deciding which vloggers to follow, we narrowed down a list of the 20 best black YouTube style gurus. Check our favorites in the slideshow!

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-Jessica C. Andrews of Glamazonsblog.com. Follow me @Ms_Andrews


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New Style

Hi readers:

I haven’t been doing much with my hair lately, just taking it easy and getting mentally ready for the holidays. This time is always bittersweet to me, and I just had to take a break to take care of myself and do some stocking of UrbanistaNoir.com. About 3 weeks ago, my stylist wanted to try something different with my hair. He didn’t tell me what we would be doing or how it would be done, but I didn’t care as long as he was not going to relax my hair. I know that my hair grows back easily, so if a cut would be involved, I was open for the change. My hi-lights were fading fast and I had a lot of roots showing so he decided to color my hi-lights with a Red Mahogany for a different look. He also blow dried and straightened and cut my hair. When I left the salon, I had a head full of curls that he was able to style with a curling iron. I loved it, but because we didn’t involve any holding spray or holding products in my hair, by the end of the night, my curls fell straight. Since, I’ve been able to maintain the straight hair for about 3 weeks now,  and if you guys follow my Instagram or Facebook pages, you will know that I’ve been able to roller set my hair and wear updos to keep it straight until I decide to wash it out. The time is finally approaching to where I have to wash my hair out. I will probably shampoo; use a protein treatment; deep condition and air dry in twists. I never use protein, but since my hair has been under stress for a while with the color and straightening, I will find a nice protein treatment to ensure that my hair gets her strength back.


image (2)

As always, I will provide my disclaimer prior to my ending the post. This blog is just my way of sharing my natural hair journey with everyone. I am not here to say what I am doing is correct or should be followed or that I am a professional of any sort. I do color and straighten my hair at times. The thing that makes me natural in my eyes is that I do not chemically straighten my hair or I do not feel that when I have straight hair, I am more accepted or beautiful. I just like change. If anyone knows me, they know that as the days vary, my style varies…with my clothes, my makeup, and my hair. I also want to demonstrate that we can do whatever people say we cannot do with natural hair. Throughout my journey, I’ve had braided hair, straight hair, curly hair, crimped hair…any kind of hairstyle you can imagine, I’ve tried despite what people claim or say. I didn’t mean to get long-winded with my disclaimer but every time that I color or straighten my hair, I get secretly called out by someone who questions the validity of my blog or natural hair journey and to be honest with you, I always thought that being natural meant that you did not chemically straighten your hair…although others may disagree with my definition of the state of natural hair.

I hope that whoever likes versatility with their natural hair enjoyed this post and was inspired to do something different. If you are in the area and want to speak with my stylist, here is a post that I made about him a few years back with his contact information. He works wonders with natural hair and if you follow him on Facebook, you will be able to see photos of the multiple natural hair clients that he has worked with and what he was able to do with their hair.

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