Upcoming Events: International Natural Hair Meetup Day Hosted by Bayou Beauties of Baton Rouge

2400969A lot of you guys email me or send me messages requesting that I keep you in the loop about Natural Hair events happening in the area. I try to keep an ear to the ground and keep myself occupied to make sure that I get this information to you as soon as I find out. The last couple of months though, I must confess, I have been slacking. I knew that International Natural Hair Meet Up day was coming soon, but I didn’t do much research because we never have events in Lafayette to attend. Then I noticed that I received an email from the Bayou Beauties of Baton Rouge stating that they will be hosting a meetup for INHMD and I had to extend their invitation to you guys. I thought that I would blog about the upcoming meetup to make sure that you get the invite and to have this post serve a precursor to the follow up blog that I will write about the event. I hope that you guys can make it and if you do, I would love to meet and speak with you. Please click here to get your tickets!

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Festival International de Louisiane 2015

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Fleur De Curl:

Instead of creating a whole new blog with the same photos, I will just reblog from my Pictures site…kimba’s photos… If you are in Lafayette, I hope that you enjoyed the festival. If not, here is just a little of what I was able to capture on Sunday afternoon.

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Here are some shots I was able to get at the Festival!
















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The Color Run 2015

One of the most enjoyable parts of my weekend was participating in the Color Run.  I knew what was going to happen, but I had no idea that a 5k would be so exciting, unique and fun.  From the moment that I received my packet with the gold sparkly tattoos, and colorful accessories, I knew that this was my kind of 5k.  I grabbed my camera, protected it in its bag, grabbed a hat and headed out with my friends and coworkers to the event.

Even though  I haven’t hit my weight-loss goal, the past 5 months that I’ve been exercising has prepared me for the 3k.  I jogged in some portions and briskly walked most of it.  I felt energized after the whole event and when I hit the finish line, I vowed to engage in more 5ks in the future.

As you guys already know, I am learning photography and host another blog: kimba’sphotos.  I wanted to share with you guys who are not on my Facebook the pictures that I took at the Color Run.  I played with the pictures a lot through Lightroom to give them a unique feel.  I hope you enjoy.  If you’ve engaged in the Color Run, please let me know.  I would love to hear your stories.


My Team




A family that just completed the run.


Chawana and Lindsay


Sisters taking a selfie after the run…


After we completed the run.


I just had to get this photo!


Chawana is being blinded by the chalk. LOL.


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So, I Just Realized…My Protective Style Wasn’t so … Protective

                I needed to do something with my hair quickly because I work out more than 4 times a week. I was sweating up a storm, going home and co-washing and making my hair thin and brittle. I had no idea that my hair didn’t like sweat and then conditioner until I got into the habit of making that a routine…sweat…then conditioner…and then sweat again…then conditioner. I had enough. I was tired, doing too much between work, UrbanistaNoir and working out. I had to do something. I engaged Chawana and told her I wanted to get the crochet braids protective style in my hair. I would wear my hair in this style for about two months and not have to worry.

                Well, I did. LOL. (And first of all, the hair that I picked was horrible. It was dry and very tangled. I guess I will review the hair in a later post because despite how horrible it was at first, it ended up looking great and being eventually manageable.) So Chawana and I got together on a Saturday and installed the crochet braids. Everything was fine until we started trying to untangle that braid hair. It was so dry and kinky. After installation, my scalp would itch and I was in a conundrum. Should I just pat my head until the itchy feeling goes away, or should I throw away hours of time spent installing this style and remove the hair? I decided to go against my better judgment and continue with wearing the style, hoping that my scalp would stop itching. It did…but I continued working out and sweating every day and I had no idea that my hair was suffering in the protective style.


                About a month in a half later, my hair looked like it was growing out of the style, the braids pushing my hair forward and making it more difficult to wear. I finally sat down on a Friday evening and removed the hair. Once I went through the task of removing all of the hair and my shed hair, I noticed that my hair was brittle and soft. I put a protein treatment in, then a deep conditioning treatment. My hair was still soft, dry and brittle. So now, here I am with brittle hair and I am contemplating a big chop. I think I would love a short haircut…but I don’t know. Summer is coming and I know that short hair would be a nice choice. I also don’t want to throw away a lot of hair growth that I’ve accomplished.


                At the end, I need to realize that hair is just that… It won’t make me or break me…but the decision is still looming in my head. LOL.

                I did learn my lesson though, my hair likes protective styles, but ones that can be manipulated or taken down when they need to be. I am good with twists and roll tuck and pin styles, braid ups and corn rolls.

Will do the crochet braids style again? I have no idea, but at the present time…I have to say… NO.

                I’ll let you guys know what I decide to do with my hair.

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What I’m Cooking: Quinoa & Spinach Egg Scramble (for Eileen)


So I posted this picture of my Quiona & Spinach Egg Scramble a few days ago on Instagram (@fleurdecurl), and had no idea people would love it so much.  I promised Eileen that I would post a recipe for it, so I returned home from my workout today and couldn’t wait to share how I made my rendition of the scramble.

Here is what I used…

  • 1 Teaspoon of coconut oil
  • 1 quarter of a red bell pepper
  • 1 quarter of a yellow bell pepper
  • 1 quarter of an orange bell pepper
  • a handful of pearl onions
  • 1 cup of fresh spinach
  • 2 Large Organic Cage Free Eggs
  • Tony Chachere’s Salt-Free Seasoning Mix, ground turmeric, ground cumin, onion powder, garlic powder to taste
  • 1 Teaspoon of Coconut milk
  • 1 half cup of cooked Quinoa
  • a handful of Chopped green onions
  • and light Sharp Cheddar cheese

So…What did I do?

First of all, I warmed the coconut oil in a large skillet until it was hot and melted through.  I added my bell peppers and onion and mixed around until they were soft and translucent.  Once I saw that my onions were cooked through, I added the spinach and sauteed it with the bell peppers and onion until it became soft and cooked through.

While the spinach is cooking, I broke the eggs  into a bowl and added the seasoning to taste.  I mixed in the teaspoon of coconut milk and sat that aside while I sauteed the spinach.

After the spinach cooked thoroughly, I added the cooked quinoa and stir fried it in with the spinach, bell peppers and onions until the quinoa cooked thoroughly.  I then took moved everything in the skillet around to the edges and poured the egg mixture in the middle slowly adding the spinach/quinoa mixture with the egg until the egg cooked through.

Last but not least, I topped everything with a green onion and sharp cheddar garnish.  If you are making this dish, I would allow for the green onion and cheddar mixture heat up in the pan a little with the Quinoa and Egg mixture to it can be melty and stir in easily.

A lot of people eat this for breakfast…but I plated it and ate it for lunch at work and it was so yummy!