The Best Gymnast In The World Right Now Is A Black Girl Named Simone Biles [VIDEO]

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Another young woman has joined the ranks of great Black gymnasts, and you won’t believe you haven’t heard of her before.

If anyone asks you to name a Black female gymnast, you’ll either peg Gabby Douglas or Dominique Dawes. There’s one more that needs to be on your radar, though.

You may not recognize the name Simone Biles right now, but you’re going to be hearing a lot about her over the months leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. For starters, Reuters reports that she’s the gymnast that just snagged the award for Sportswoman of the Year (Individual) this week alongside Olympic ice dancer and “Dancing with the Stars” champ Meryl Davis.

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If her status as a world champion is any indication, Simone’s worked very hard to be the best gymnast in…

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CNN Pulls Its Support From The NABJ For Criticizing Network’s Racial Climate

Fleur De Curl:

As a former member of NABJ this is absurd.

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CNN has decided that it no longer wants to support the National Association of Black Journalists after the organization called it out.

The cable news network has donated to the NABJ for years, and its acted as a sponsor for the association’s annual convention and career fair for quite some time. That all changed last week, though, when the NABJ released a statement about racial relations at CNN for the network’s Black employees in a write-up titled, “NABJ Concerned About Atmosphere at CNN for African Americans.”

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The NABJ wrote about its concern that the professional atmosphere has led to huge swaths of African-American staffers either quitting or being terminated. Among their ranks are several Black anchors that have been yanked from the screen. Some have even left the network all together! Moreover, since this time last…

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The Truth About Postpartum Hair Loss

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I get a lot of questions regarding Postpartum Hair Loss. Here is a good article from

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blowdryer and hair

As women, we’re often told that our hair is our crowning glory, so it’s only natural for us to freak out after noticing greater than usual amounts of hair on our pillows and in our sinks. If you recently had a baby, then you’ve probably experienced this way more often than you would like. Although commonly referred to as postpartum hair loss, the medical term for this condition is called Telogen Effluvium, and it happens to about 50 percent of women after they give birth. Why does it happen? And is it normal? Read on to find out!

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What Causes It

It’s not uncommon for new mothers to experience hair shedding between three and six months after giving birth. On average, we lose 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. However, when you’re pregnant, the hormones…

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Michael Dunn Sentenced To Life For Killing Jordan Davis

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Justice is a beautiful thing.

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Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn was sentenced to life without parole Friday in the shooting 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis, CNN reports.

“This case demonstrates that our justice system does work,” Duval County Judge Russell Healey said before the sentencing, the news site says.

CNN reports the following:

Dunn, 47, was convicted of first-degree murder this month for shooting into an SUV full of teenagers at a Jacksonville, Florida, gas station after an argument over loud music from the teens’ vehicle.

Dunn for the first time apologized to Davis’ family before he was sentenced.

“I want the Davis family to know I truly regret what happened. I’m sorry for their loss,” he said. “If I could roll back time and do things differently, I would.”

Davis’ parents, Ron Davis and Lucia MacBath, were in court for the sentencing.

Dunn fired into the vehicle because he thought Davis had a…

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Entering the Month of My BC Anniversary and Giveaway Winner Announcement

Four years ago…in October to be exact, I started to chop off my transitioning hair one week at a time.  I had no idea that by the end of the month, I would eventually Big Chop and say good-bye to the relaxed ends that I held on to for so long.  In retrospect, Big Chopping my hair was one of the best decisions that I’ve made during my natural hair journey. It gave me the insight to start to love myself for who I was under the damaged and broken hair and not depend on a crutch such as hair as my only method of feeling feminine and beautiful.  A lot of people say that their Teeny Afro days are devastating and for me it was different.  I felt enlightened, beautiful and daring.  To say the least, I’ll do it again soon.

bc 002
a copy of my DL photo that was taken on October 31, 2010–the same day as my BC.

The whole purpose for this blog, for our communication…for the birth of FleurdeCurl was big chopping.  The most significant thing that I can remember was that I completed my big chop on my birthday–October 31st.  Those two instances merged together birthed a new me and I am proud to say, no matter how I wear my hair in the future, my big chop enlightenment helped me to understand that my hair does not make me butterfly but at the end of the day, my spirit does.

bc 001
The day of my Big Chop: October 31, 2010.


Now it’s time to announce the Anniversary Giveaway winner: LaTonya JaQuetta! Thank you so much. LaTonya won the LRC mini kit and the Urbanista Noir crochet earrings. Her name was randomly picked both times for each drawing. I appreciate you so much for following FleurdeCurl and I will make sure that I email you regarding your shipping information by the end of the day.

If you guys have any BC stories that you want to share on fleurdecurl, contact me at and I will be happy to showcase them here!

Until Next Time

Bienvenue à Fleur de Curl!


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