eBay Splurge: Eyelashes from Hong Kong

Ok, so I was perusing on eBay a few weeks ago, trying to see what I would spend my $2.10 in eBay bucks on. It wasn’t hard to know that I’d be buying something beauty related. There are so many eyeliners and mascaras and blushes that I wanted. I stumbled on a pack of 10 eyelashes for $1.20 and thought about it for a second. If they stunk, then I would be wasting $1.20 of ‘free’ money from eBay…I counted my loses, checked the seller’s feedback, mused at the free shipping from Hong Kong and quickly hit the buy it now button. A week passed, but when I arrived home from work one Friday afternoon, I saw a little package sticking out of my mailbox. I grabbed it quickly, ran inside of the house and tore it apart to see a box of 10 eyelashes looking at me. I was in awe for a couple of seconds and couldn’t wait to try them on…Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

I have to say for a cheap deal, I made out like a bandit. I had to clip them so they would fit properly, but they held on tight, fit perfectly and I felt like a pure diva when I wore them.

I will be ordering again, because Fleur de Curl is always looking for a deal and if I can spend less money on one thing, to spend more money on Mac Studio Finish Concealer — NW 45, I would in a heartbeat!
Here I am with the lashes on!


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