I am Back + Product Review: Jane Carter Solution’s Nourish & Shine

                I had a great 4 days in NYC.  It was a very exciting time for me and for the next few posts, I will be sharing stories with you from the International Beauty Show and some of my Natural Hair experiences in the Big Apple. 

                New York City is an awesome place.  I have to say, I may have physically left, but my heart remained there and I cannot wait to go back.  I really enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the city, the fashion on the streets and the diversity of the cultures.  A lot of funny things happened to me while I was away and I will share the more interesting of them with you all.  I will begin with touching on my overall visit and meeting representatives from Jane Carter Solution and the stash that I brought back home.

I was actually lost in this picture. LOL

You know I’m from Louisiana–taking pics of Popeyes in Chinatown!

                One of my favorite places that I visited in NYC was Chinatown.  The food that I had there was awesome, but one of the most interesting things that happened to me was being hassled on the street by illegal purse sellers.  LOL.  It was one of the funniest moments of my life.  Everywhere I turned someone would softly point into my direction and say “You want handbag? Watch?”  “Handbag. Watch.” “Handbag. Perfume.”  LOL.  Ultimately, I didn’t get a handbag, but I did get a lot of things from Chinatown which was mostly of the souvenir nature.   I purchased tons of sunglasses and will be showing them off to you on a future post. 

I purchased these goodies and got the awesome Button!

                At the International Beauty Show, one of my first stops was at the Jane Carter Solution booth.  The representatives there were very knowledgeable about the product and I was able to get a lot of Jane Carter’s products dirt cheap.  The one that I will be talking about mostly, is the Nourish & Shine.  This retails for about $21.99 at my local Target store and at the show I was able to get a sample for free and purchase the full size for $10.00.  I’ve tried the product and must say, it does add a supple shine to my hair.  The scent is fresh and beautiful—just like everything else in her product line.  I used the Nourish & Shine in my hair, but on my skin also, and my skin had a healthy glow for hours and hours at a time. 

                For my hair, the Nourish & Shine provided a light hairdress with a beautiful sent that gave tons of shine.  It’s more of a pomade type consistency that melts between your finger tips.  “It contains Sun flower seed and rosemary leaf extracts…to nourish and revitalize your hair…Nourish & Shine is a high-end, hair conditioning product that provides deep healing moisturization and brilliant shine to your hair all day long…”  I agree.  This product is awesome.  I was happy to get a sample and a full size at trade show pricing.  I am very skeptical about paying so much for a product without knowing how it works in my hair.  I was not disappointed.

                Will the Nourish & Shine replace my favorite hair dress the Whipped Hair Puddin’ by Isabis Naturals?  NO.  But I really love the product and I am behind the Jane Carter Solution family 100%.  The representatives were knowledgeable and very charismatic and the products are all Natural and can be used by any hair type.  The Nourish & Shine works really well in my hair because of it’s light consistency and the oils that were used to make the product.  The fragrance is light, airy and very pretty.  Right now, I must say that The Nourish & Shine will always be in my Natural Hair Care arsenal.  I will try to review some of the other products that I purchased from Jane Carter Solution at the IBS at a later time. 

                One of the things that I was the most surprised about was the fact that New Yorker’s commented on my style and some of the things that I was wearing.  I knew that I had a different look when it came to trend but I was very flattered to get compliments on my makeup, hair, clothing and jewelry.  It make me feel like I was right at home and I must say, it is giving me tons of ammunition to go back.  I loved 5th Avenue and Bloomingdale’s.  I enjoyed the high-end shops and the diversity of them all.  I didn’t stay in them for long periods of time, but I was able to get a view on some of the spring/summer fashion trends and I am excited for the seasons that are about to come (fashion wise).  New York City was awesome and I am still high on all of the things that I experienced in the 4 days that I was there.  I will next talk about Macadamia Nut Oil and some of the products that I purchased from them.  I will also touch on the fact that I was asked to be a Hair Model for Dominican Magic and share with you the story from that occasion! 



Let me know if you have any more questions about my review or if you want to know more about the Nourish & Shine from my point of view. 


2 thoughts on “I am Back + Product Review: Jane Carter Solution’s Nourish & Shine

  1. I’m so glad your back on the word. Missed your posts. I knew you would have a fab time in the Big Apple. Who wouldn’t? That city is so full of dynamism and creativity. It’s shoots through your body like a drug. I too an very impressed with Jane Carter’s products. I went to a natural hair meet up in Paris and she was there along with Felicia Leatherwood. Those ladies know their stuff. I decided to purchase the Curl Defining Cream for wash-n-gos but have only used it on twist outs and love it. I’ve tried samples of Nourish and Shine and it reminds me of Carol’s Daughter’s Honey Mimosa hair pommade. It’s a very good quality natural sealer. Although I have lots of good sealers now like my shea butter mix, and my abssolute favorite Vatika Frosting. I’ve also tried the Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner. I find that it’s too light. I like creamy spritzes that contain a conditioner, so I usually mke them myself. I do think the Curl Defining Cream is very good but of course I’ll get back to you on how it works on was-n-gos because I haven’t tried that yet. It’s still too cold here. Can’t wait to see your next posts and hope you’ll be putting more pics. you look great in these!

    • Didi:
      It was an enjoyable experience. I thought that visiting Europe would have been the greatest of my travels, but NYC is something that is special and totally different. I really had a good time and cannot wait to spend more time over there in the future.

      I was really waiting to see Jane Carter but she wasn’t there. LOL. Her staff was awesome though and I had a very enjoyable time interacting with them. I really love the smell of the products and I am becoming a huge fan of the Nourish and shine. I needed to try another good sealer and was happy I was able to try the Nourish and Shine for so cheap. I did get the curl defining cream–you know it’s humid and hot over here in South Louisiana already, so this weekend, (if I get a chance to) I will try it with a wash and go.

      I am so excited to try Jane Carter’s stuff. I’d been researching the company and products for the length of my natural hair journey and I HAD to take advantage of the deals on her products!

      When it gets warm enough…let me know about your wash and gos using the Curl Defining Cream!

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