Flax Seed Oil for Your Natural Hair

When I began my natural hair journey, I also began a journey of obtaining optimal health holistically. At times, I do well with my holistic journey—other times (using the excuse of living in Louisiana) I fail. (lol). But I have recently (again) been consistent in my holistic health journey and wanted to share some products with you that are beneficial to your natural hair journey and your general health overall.

One of my favorite supplements/foods are flaxseed oil and flax seeds. Flax Oil is rich in fatty acids, including Omega 3. The great thing about Flax Oil is that you can obtain Omega 3 in a vegetarian/vegan source and not have to consume fish or fish supplements. Because of the presence of Omega 3 in Flax Oil, consumption may help treat high cholesterol and heart disease. It can also help to influence healthy hair growth and overall healthy hair. Flax Oil can also be used in your oil mixes as a moisturizing agent.

I’ve noticed that my health has improved greatly with a changed diet and the addition of Flax Seed Oil Supplements. I had very high triglycerides and was able to get into normal range without the presence of prescription medication. I also noticed that my hair grows healthier with the addition of nutritional supplements and a decent diet with exercise.

One way I get Flax Oil into my diet is by sprinkling the seeds on top of my organic peanut butter sandwich for breakfast in the morning. I’ve also used the seeds to create Naptural85’s Flax Seed Gel for my hair:

Overall, Flax Seed Oil is great for your overall general health and healthy hair growth. Flaxseed oil prevents dry skin flakes caused by eczema. The presence of Omega 3s in Flax Oil can help to aid in hair dryness and brittleness. It can be used topically and especially internally to promote overall nail, skin, and hair health. Because it aids dry scalp, hair growth is usually supplemented and is healthy.

One Tip…If you are mixing Flax Oil into your oil mixes, or using it in your hair topically, the oil should be stored in a cool environment or in the freezer if not used normally to extend the shelf life of the product.

If you want more info on the benefits of Flaxseed Oil:


11 thoughts on “Flax Seed Oil for Your Natural Hair

  1. I’ve been wanting to make flaxseed gel to try but not enough time. I think I’m going to try it this weekend since tomorrow is a holiday. Another ol I use that’s really good is primerose oil. It’s benefits are preventing hair breakage. Check it out! Primerose oil is not heavy either. It really helped with my hair growth in the twa stage along with jojoba oil my other favorite oil.

    • I heard a lot of things about primerose! I will def check it out this weekend and incorporate it in my oil stash. My hair is just naturally thin, so any light oils would benefit me.
      Making that Flaxseed gel is not fun. LOL. Let me know what happens when you get a chance to make it. I was so fusterated…LOL…but I kept going and I have to say, I really like it.

      Isabis does not ship to France 😦 but I will let you know about how her mudwash works.

      • That’s too bad she doesn’t ship to France. Maybe in the future she will consider it. You’ll let me know if and when it ever happens. My hair is thin too. Im’surprised your hair is thin because it looks quite thick. Unfortunately there aren’t very many You Tubers with thin hair. There is one thoughand she has long thin afro hair. I can’t remember her name right now but when I do I’ll be sure to tell you. Have a good weekend and I’ll keep you posted on how the flaxseed gel goes.

      • I hide it well. When I wash and twist my hair, the most I can make are 6 twists–3 on each side of my head. I can make the twists smaller, but my hair is very thin in the back…thin and more wavy than curly–so it’s easier to make big twists. I will let you know about Isabis. She hasn’t updated her site with her hair products but I will talk to her about updating or getting an etsy or something so she can sell her hair products online. I haven’t seen any YouTubers either with thin hair. LOL. I was thinking about doing henna treatments in my hair to get it thicker like CurlyNikki. Have you tried that?

      • A friend gave me a good quality henna and some indigo but I’m not keen on dying my hair; even though the grays are starting to show in the front of head and along the hairline.

      • Did you add any oil to your flaxseed gel? My hair does not like gel. I tried Ecostyler and another one can’t remember the name and my hair hated it. Not only did it take all day for my hair to dry but my hair was so dry and dull looking. I never worry about hold when I do my hair. I’m more concerned with moisture. So I’m not mixing products and putting one on top of the other, etc. I don’t believe many products were made to be used that way. I just use a moisturizer and twist, while putting extra moisturizer on my ends. I sometimes put a light oil on my ends when twisting, especially after washing. Good luck with the primerose oil. I think it’s the bandwagon that hasn’t been jumped on on You Tube. Nobody ever talks about. Here’s a cue for your next post/video. Have a good one! 🙂

      • I will def try Primerose Oil. I’ve been co-washing my hair every two days (because these are the days that I exercise and sweat a lot) then I use a leave in and oil to seal. I am getting to a lazy point. LOL. I’ve been wearing the wash-n-go for two weeks now–despite my dislike and tangles from the past…i’ve learned how to not get my hair tangled. You know I will def post on Primerose. From my research last night, I am sure It will do wonders in my hair.

        I am not a gel person either. I use the flax seed gel for my edges when i am going to an event. I used ecostyler in the past but it was too heavy and I always had to wash it out the next day. My hair would just sit on my head lifeless–and dry out just like yours.

        I will take some pictures of my hair when I don’t have it picked out or fluffed so you can see how thin it really is.

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