Product Review: Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Conditioner

I really love conditioner.  For months, I searched for a conditioner that would moisturize my hair after protein treatments and ACV rinses.  I found a lot of conditioners that did the ‘job’ but for some reason, I started to love the Nourishing Lavender Conditioner by Avalon Organics.  For me, from the moment of application, I had the easiest time finger detangling.  There was a good amount of slip, which made detangling with my handy-dandy Tangle Teaser or detangling comb very easy.


            I am very heavy-handed with conditioner, so the fact that the Avalon Organics line is economical is a plus also.  If I do not feel like ordering online…and I feel like a headache, I can purchase in Wal-Mart for fewer than 8 dollars.


What did I use this conditioner for? 




I use the Nourishing Lavender Conditioner to spot condition, deep condition, co-wash and use as a leave in.  I have to say that the Nourishing Lavender Conditioner works best for me in co-washing but as I stated earlier, it works wonders after protein treatments and ACV washes when I need a good conditioner the most.

My hair after washing, an ACV rinse, and deep conditioning with the Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender conditioner

            So, for my hair, I have to recommend Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Conditioner.  It is moving up the ranks to my favorite conditioner and what makes it awesome is the quality of the product for the price.




3 thoughts on “Product Review: Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Conditioner

  1. About a year ago, my and 4 of my 8 daughters agreed to go Natural, it took about a year for all of us to do the “Big Chop”, but we did… all of our hair are different, my biggest problem is with my youngest… her hair is soooooo coarse, soooooo thick, I cannot find a product to enhance her hair. I’ve tried different Texturizers, to no avail. My hair is pretty coarse and thick too, I put in a texturizer to, just to kinda jump start it… but we need help, even texturizers are not natural. ((((HELP)))
    Thank you,
    Wanna be 100% Natural

    • Hi Wannabe100%Natural:
      I am sorry for the dilemma that you are having trying to become 100% Natural. I know that some people have a hard time, depending on thickness and texture of hair, achieving and keeping on their natural journey and I am happy that you sought Fleur de Curl for any guidance.

      The first way to achieve your 100% natural journey is to transition from your texturized hair—just like you did when you transitioned from relaxed. Texturizers change the chemical composition of your hair and as you already stated, and they are not natural (they contain sodium hydroxide –the same ingredient as a relaxer). Once you complete which ever transitioning you prefer—through Big Chop again or through transitioning, you want to find a routine with moisturizing products that will help to seal or lower the cuticle of your hair strand and make them easier to work with or manage.
      You can start this on your texturized hair also. I am not too familiar with the maintenance of texturized hair, but the rules of moisturization usually are the same. I would find an oil like castor oil to apply in my hair after washing—and after using a good amount—a nice moisturizing cream to seal. I use the Avocado & Honey Whipped Puddin’ by Isabis Naturals, but my hair strand is much finer than yours, so my recommendation may not work for you. I do know a lot of naturals who use the products from Isabis Naturals who have very coarse, thick hair and who achieve great moisture retention and easier handling of the hair because of the use of this product.

      The best way to handle highly textured hair is to maintain moisture retention through constant moisturizing of the hair and use of satin scarves/bonnets when sleeping or wearing hats or anything over the head that may remove the moisture from your hair. Protective styling is always a good option for very thick hair as it keeps your hair from tangling and helps you to retain length and moisture also. I would recommend keeping my hair in twists or any other type protective style when that is possible to help remove some of the difficulty of maintaining your hair. Water is the natural’s best friend, so washing at least once a week and co washing once or twice a week while misting with water while styling can help your hair to retain moisture also.

      I am going to leave you with a few sites that was recommended to me for thick natural hair and hopefully this will help you with more guidance from naturals who have a closer texture of hair such as yours. They probably can give you more advice than my general advice and help you and your daughters with product choices also.

      • Thank you… I appreciate the info you’ve provided. I think my frustation is, it’s my 10 tear old who I am having the most difficultie with, I try not to wet it thoughout the week, because I thought it would damage her hair, well thats what I was told. I think just doing that will be a great start for her.
        Again, thank you for you advise.

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