E.L.F. Studio Matte Lip Color

You guys know that I am not the richest Blogger in the world and sometimes I have to settle for buying cheaper brands to support my beauty habit.  In that, I fell in love with E.L.F. cosmetics and find that I can hit up Target with a Ten Dollar Bill and leave with a lot of quality, cruelty free products that look good on my skin.  Before my trip to NY in April, I went to Target and found the E.L.F. Studio Matte Lip Color.  For three dollars a piece, I picked up the Tea Rose and Praline and decided that if the colors were not right for me, I would use them for layering…most likely to be used under a nice gloss…or just for lining my lips to use with other colors.  What I didn’t realize was that I would really enjoy these lip pencils for all around use and they just solidified my love affair for E.L.F. cosmetics. 

Packaging: Everything featured in the E.L.F. Studio line is in awesome, very ascetic black and white packaging.  I love the box that it came in and I loved the tube that the liner is in also.  This product not only looks good on my lips but in my bag also.  I feel like I’m carrying around an expensive product when I whip this baby out of my bag to reapply. 

Size:  You get a lot of product in this long sized tube for $3.00.  I love the amount that you get of the product for the price and also the shape of the tubing and the twist up and down application. 

Pigment: You know how I feel about pigmented products.  I love to use a lot of lip color and eye color that is pigmented because of my dark skin tones. 

Matte: Another favorite of mine.  I feel sharp when I wear lipsticks with a matte finish.  The matte finish often brings out the fullness of my lip.  I also love mattes because you can wear them under pretty glosses and the pigment from the matte with a nice smooth, moisturizing finish, only brings the gloss out a lot more. 


Moisture:  The formula used to create these beauties include Vitamins A, C & E which provides a lot of moisture for a matte finish.  I also love the fact that because of this, it is very easy to apply.  When I use as a pencil to line my lips, it glides right on.  It also smoothes on pretty easily when I fill in my lip. I also love the fact that the color on my lips is long lasting.  Through a work day—9 hours, I do not have to re-apply.  When it is time to reapply though, my lips are still stained with color…it’s just not as bold as it was earlier.


So my over all review:

I’ve not been let down by E.L.F. products as of yet.  I enjoy this lip pencil and will try it next in Rich Red (you now how much I love reds).  If something remarkable happens with the Rich Red, I will be sure to share with you guys. 


***If you have any products that you would like for me to review, please let me know.  I will be happy to use them and give my unbias, honest, review. I have not been paid for any of the reviews that are on Fleur de Curl.  If you would like for me to review your product, click here. All of my opinions are honest and my accounts are shared with you as they occur. 



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