My Many Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

I am a huge advocate of using ACV in my hair routine.  I’ve been a believer for almost two years now.  It started with using Braggs ACV as a drink tonic to help control my Diabetes.  I later performed more investigation about the uses of ACV and found that it worked wonders as a hair tonic.  At first, I was put off by the smell, but with further use of the product, I found that my tresses behaved so much more when I included ACV in my regime than without. 

                Benefits:  Apple Cider Vinegar helps to remove product build up, close the hair cuticle to protect the hair shaft, and balance the pH of your hair and scalp. All of this helps hair to become  healthier and shinier.

                The Science:  ACV has a pH of around 3 which is on the acidic side of the scale.  Our hair is acidic also, and is usually between the pH of 4.5-5.5.   Using ACV with a pH of 3 helps your hair to become more acidic and will help the hair cuticle to close.  

                How I use ACV:  I will include a recipe for the ACV rinse that I use in my hair during my wash and conditioning routine.  I usually spray the ACV rinse on my hair prior to washing to help detangle my hair.  I spray my ends and while I am washing my hair, I finger detangle.  Because the ACV rinse naturally detangles my hair, a lot of unnecessary shedding is eliminated.  I then condition my hair (once a month with protein) and then deep condition.  After washing out the deep conditioner, I spray my hair with the ACV rinse lightly and leave it in.  I then style my hair as normal. 

My ACV Recipe:

  • One Cup of Water (distilled if available)
  • ¼ Cup of Braggs ACV

              Scent: I know a lot of you are turned off by the scent of ACV.  I am not a major fan of  it either.  When the ACV is diluted with water, the smell becomes faint, especially after it is sprayed on your hair.  Since I leave it in, when I sweat, or add water to my hair, the smell arrives again, but quickly diminishes. has an awesome article regarding ACV that I would like to share with you if you are interested in using the product.  Click Here.  It states ACV rinses:

  1. lock in protein and moisture—flat cuticles will not let out moisture and protein through evaporation.
  2. add shine to your hair—light reflects off of smooth surfaces. While you may not have as much shine as a person with bone straight hair, shine is an indicator that your cuticles are smooth and closed.
  3. flatten the hair for detangling—raised cuticles give the hair that jagged, rough feeling we often talk about with shampoos that “strip.” These raised cuticles are more likely to grab and snag on each other.
  4. add elasticity—remember that low pH substances have more hydrogen ions (as opposed to hydroxide ions). The more hydrogen bonds, the more manageable and elastic your hair will be over time.


So, I am a believer. I hope this article helped you some!


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