My Henna Adventure Part I

Today is the first day of my henna adventure.  I decided to follow CurlyNikki’s henna treatment and add in a few of my own little ditties.  Right now, as we speak, I am mixing up my own henna mixture.  Here is what I used…but first, here is the link to the regimen that I am semi-following by CurlyNikki.

Click Here to View CurlyNikki’s Henna Treatment

What I used:

  • 200 G of Jamila Superior Quality Henna
  • 4 Green Tea Bags
  • 2 Cups of Distilled Water
  • 2 Sage Tea Bags
  • 2 Fenugreek Seed Tea Bags
  • 2 Tbsp of Honey
  • I first boiled the 2 cups of water and removed from heat.
  • Second, I seeped the tea bags in the water for a few minutes until the water turned room temperature.
  • I then mixed the water with the Henna and the honey until I achieved ‘mashed potatoes’ consistency of the mixture…

This is where I am so far.  LOL. I will keep you updated with the next adventure of my Henna escapades!

I will also post the benefits of Fenugreek and Sage to your hair treatment in my next post.


3 thoughts on “My Henna Adventure Part I

  1. Well can’t wait to hear about how that went. A friend gave me some very good quality henna and indigo but I’m too chicken to use it. I don’t want to color my hair even though some grey hairs are starting to pop up. I don’t want my hair flaming red nor do I wnat it jet black.

    • Didi! I know what you mean. The Henna alone didn’t do much to my hair at all but condition it. I had a few stray gray hairs in the back of my head, which were not too noticeable before, but they have a reddish hue and are more distinguished now that I used the henna. All in all, the experience was interesting.

      • I’ve got quite a few grey hairs at the moment around my hair line and a few popping out around the crown. I’ll have to go back to your recipe and try it. Apparently it’s a wonderful conditioner and strenghtener. Your hair looked beautiful after the treatment!

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