Review: Hair Therapy Wrap

Don’t you just love infomercials?  Hey!  I am using an “As Seen On TV” product & I Like It!


Who would have known that I would receive such a lovely gift in a giveaway?  I had no clue what I was getting, but when I opened the box and saw all of the goodies—including this awesome Hair Therapy Wrap, I felt like it was Christmas and I was 6 years old again.  For the first time ever—in my natural haired lifetime—I could not wait for wash day to try this thing-a-ma-gig on my head.  I’ve been eyeing down Hair Steamers for the past few months, but wanted to vacation and party too much during that time, so I could not drop the $125 for a Beautiful Be-Huetiful.  As I opened the box, I thought, this shall hold me over until I calm down and break the bank for a quality hair steamer.  Boy was I right.  I really enjoyed this product and I am finally excited for wash and condition day because of this one, individual product, alone…

 How Does it Work: In the box, you get this nice turban with sections where you can insert thermal gel packs.  There are three sections in the turban and three gel packs.  You insert the packs, throw the turban in the microwave for 45 – 60 seconds…cover your hair with a plastic conditioning cap and wrap the turban around your head.  According to the instructions, the wrap provides warm moist heat for up to 20 minutes, which is a good enough amount of time for a nice deep conditioning session.  When I used it, I was on the phone and lost track of the time and had the turban on for over 30 minutes.  When I took the turban off, the gel packs were still warm and my hair was very much conditioned and hydrated. 


Please excuse my crazy eyes. LOL. I was excited!


Ok… I am wearing an Elmo shirt…but I am showing you the Heat Wrap!

Price: According to the website, the Hair Therapy Wrap in Cocoa (the one that I received) is $29.95.  If I would have researched this product and known about it before it was given to me, I would have dropped 30 bucks on it without a worry.  My hair was very soft and manageable after use of the Hair Therapy Wrap, it was soft and conditioned, and when I detangled my hair after the deep condition, my tangles just melted apart so easily. 

My Overall Review:  The Hair Therapy Wrap is a bargain at $29.95.  I love the turban style of the wrap which keeps the thing on my head as I exert nervous energy around the house while deep conditioning.  I also love the fact that I can just pop that thing in the microwave for less than a minute and get a 20 minute deep conditioning session without having to sit still for 20 to 30 minutes.  My hair was very soft, manageable and moisturized after using the hair wrap and I may just slow my roll on the big purchase of the hair steamer right now.  I may…I’ll let you know.  LOL.  This is a great product to use in the interim and I am so excited I got a chance to use it on my hair. 


One thought on “Review: Hair Therapy Wrap

  1. Love my Hair Therapy Wrap!!! I couldn’t deep condition without it. It’s the cheapest way to deep condition. Although I’d love to invest in the hair steamer. I probably will when my hair is longer around year 5 or 6.

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