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I make myself available for features because I always want to get my work out there to audiences who would have never known that I existed. If you want to review some of my natural hair features, please click here.

I decided to blog about my latest feature because it highlights my poetry instead of my natural hair. took time out to parallel my written work to traditional art. I was so excited because I’ve never considered myself as an artist until now. If you think about it, writing and poetry are works that you construct—with the same imagination, drive, and purpose as a visual artist. My story paralles the stories of other artists on the site. It felt good to see that the written word is still considered an artform and I just wanted to share this feature with you today because this highlights the real Fleur de Curl/Kimba Marie. It’s very autobiographical: it shares my work, and it gives you a link to my poetry blog.

Thank you guys for checking out, for viewing the work of and for taking time to learn about my first love– before hair, before beauty, before anything else… Poetry

If you haven’t viewed the feature and want to, you can click here: NaturalArtMaven


2 thoughts on “KimbaMarie Was Featured on

  1. Go head Kimba!! This is great! We seem to have quite a lot of things in common. Becoming a writer and getting a masters in creative writing. Love the natural hair mug! Definitly got to order one. Good luck! I’m one of your number one fans. Love your poetry!

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