I Like Big Minds and I Cannot Lie…

As I watched my hair fall to the ground during my big chop, I suddenly felt as if I was awakened. I guess it was an epiphany or as I like to say, ‘a great awakening’. I knew that it was going to be a struggle ahead—learning to love myself for who I was and not conforming to what society wanted me to be. I knew that I would have to learn to love my puffy edges, and my short hair cut. I knew that some people would not like or accept my decision—but my decision was all mine and I was finally happy with who I was. I also started to gain a larger self-respect for not only myself but for women in general. I’ve always hoarded feminist values and a feminist mindset—but the day that I chopped my hair off was one of those days where I finally learned that I was not making a decision that involved forcing myself into self acceptance, I was forcing others to see that I would no longer be objectified or placed into standards that would allow myself to be treated as an object.

I say this because this morning, I was driving to work, and turned on the radio to hear songs on 3 different stations: (one R&B and two Hip Hop) that played songs (all at the same time mind you) that blatantly objectified women. I was totally in a good mood…jumped in the car with my Ninja Bun, Geek Glasses and dark purple lipstick on…feeling good..feeling great…feelin great…feelin good…until I turned on the radio to hear a song dedicated to the strip club and big booties. I quickly changed the station to hear that one guy was rapping that when he died, he wanted to be buried in a ‘big booty club’…so I changed the station again, to hear the same song ending. That killed my mood quickly. I mean, are these rappers so untalented that they have to keep rapping about women’s body parts? Part of the creativity of rap and Hip Hop back in the day was to have rhymes and lyrics that were different and that presented a way of life that was going on at the time. It was not (all)blatantly objectifying women who could be these guy’s mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins…etc… Why do we allow ourselves first as people and second as women to poison our minds and the minds of our children with music that objectifies women to a point where women listen to this JUNK and are complacent with the lyrics? Young women especially partake in this music and believe that a big booty is the only way they can get ahead in life. They believe that the only way they can find companionship is to objectify their body parts and celebrate in this objectification through music, clothing and sometimes hair so they could be treated seriously by men who do nothing but use a viable art form such as music as a catalyst for degrading not only women but their own intelligence as well.

Naturals, I am saying to you…the things that we take in are parallel to the things that we take into our bodies and put on our hair. If we keep putting junk into our bodies or putting junky products on our hair; our bodies and hair will not flourish because we keep feeding ourselves with JUNK. If we keep subjecting ourselves to junky music, junky entertainment and junky people, we will not grow as individuals because we keep subjecting ourselves to … Junk. As women (natural or not) we should hold a higher standard for the things that we allow and things that we allow our daughters to listen to. If I ever have a daughter, that kind of music will be banned from the household (it already is) and I will continue to teach her that she is not a body– she is viable as a mind and a creative. …that if she hears that trash on the street or at school or on the school bus, she should just ignore it and remember that as women, we have more to offer the world than our bodies. Young women need to grasp that early on in life. The future of our world is not in a big butt or trashy music that celebrates big butts, but in a flourishing mind and creative hands.

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