My Style: My Current Hair Regimen

A lot of you have been asking me what I’ve been doing recently in my hair regimen.  I have to admit to you guys that my hair regimen is very simple and at this moment, I’ve been wearing my hair in different protective styles for the past two weeks.  Every other day, I take down my style, spritz with the Morning Dew Hair Mist  by Isabis Naturals and seal with the Nourish & Grow Happy Scalp Serum with a touch of Vatika Oil on my ends.  On my weekends off, I wash and deep condition, air dry, and place my hair back into the protective style. 

My current protective style is the Marley/Ninja Bun that I talked to you guys about a few weeks ago.  I’ll leave that style in my hair until Thursday and I will wash and Deep Condition on Friday morning.  After I style my hair, or when I just place my hair into place in the mornings, I always spritz with the Coconut Hair Glosser  to finish up my look. 

I am looking at placing my hair in twists soon and leaving that in until I have a formal event on October 26th.  You know I am very low maintenance with my hair and love protective styles because I am not a fan of waking up in the morning and styling my hair everyday.  I’ll be honest with you, for the past few months, my hair has been in PS so much, I’ve maybe styled my hair maybe 4 or 5 times. I’ll just go ahead and admit that I am lazy in the mornings and love just putting my sleepy head hair into place, taking a shower, brushing my teeth and heading off to work in a sleepy daze. 

On the two year anniversary of my big chop(October 31st)—which is also my birthday (partay) I will finally wear my hair down and we will do a length check.  Don’t be too shocked to see me with my hair down.  LOL. 


                I haven’t been product junky crazy either.  I’ve just been using products from the Isabis Naturals line, some of the Jane Carter products that I had and Vatika Oil.  I’ve noticed that my hair really loves these products and I will not keep changing up everything if I know something already works.  I do have a list of products that I haven’t reviewed yet, but I will.  I just wanted to FYI you guys on my regimen and my list of go to products in the order of their importance in my life (lol):


5 thoughts on “My Style: My Current Hair Regimen

  1. Well I’m looking forward to the 31st of October. Does this mean you’re flatironing your hair? My 3 year anniversary will be January 7th. I can feel that my hair has suddenly spurted quite a bit. When I put in my plaits for the night they hang lower and when my hair is in an afro it’s a lot bigger. I love the style you have and am dying to try it. I have some hair left over from braiding but it quite straight and I’m not so sure I can make it blend with my hair. I might try to do it because it makes for a great protective style other than the typical Celie braids. Have you lost weight? You look very thin all of a sudden. What have you been doing as a diet? Let me in on the secret.

    • Didi…I will find a creative way to check my length…I don’t know about a flat iron. After the last time, I am kinda scared to do it again. LOL. wow! 3 years in January! It is coming up quickly and very exciting. I am happy you are getting a growth spurt. I am terrified to braid. LOL. I will twist though. I need to find something because I am too lazy!
      I think I lost some weight by not eating too much junk during the day and drinking more water. I am trying to save money by not buying junk and at work, I keep refilling my water bottle. I am going to join a gym later this month, so hopefully that will help me get into shape. Totally off Subject, but Did the weather cool down in France?

      • The weather has cooled down a bit because we put a bit of heat on in the house. I should up my water quantity eventhough I can’t move much. I’m hanging in their though.

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