Wrapping Presents at Miles Perret Cancer Services

Last Saturday was very exciting for me.  For the second year in a row, I was able to volunteer a few hours of my time to Miles Perret Cancer Services to wrap presents for the Giving Tree program.   I met up with some awesome women—some who were survivors—and was able to wrap up Christmas presents for families that were getting help from Miles Perret. 

Giving Tree – About the Program 
The Giving Tree is an annual program that takes place between Thanksgiving and Christmas and offers to help families during Christmas. The program is offered to children and/or siblings (18 or younger living at home) of an active MPCS client.In our office, we have a Christmas tree filled with ornaments, and each ornament has a child’s wish, age, and gender on it. Generous individuals, families, or groups in the community pull one or more ornaments from our Giving Tree. They shop for items and return unwrapped gifts to our office the first week of December. (All wishes/gifts should be within the $35 limit.)

Elves (volunteers) wrap each gift and label it. Parents/Guardians of the children pick up their gifts the week before Christmas in time to put under the tree.

If you have a question about the program, please contact April at 337.984.1920.

Toward the middle to end of this month and from now on, I am going to feature items in my etsy shop where a percentage of the cost will be a donation to MPCS.  I’ll make some breast cancer awareness crochet beanies, cancer awareness button earrings and crochet some different cancer awareness crochet earrings.  Check out my store today and help to make a donation to an awesome non-profit organization. 

If you would like to donate directly to MPCS, you can at this link: https://donate.milesperret.org/sslpage.aspx?pid=298


Tons of wrapping paper!


Some of the presents that we had to wrap!


Some more presents!


…a few more!




we did a decent job!


I wrapped everything in blue. LOL


Although no one in my immediate family has suffered or died from cancer, it’s a cause that is very dear to my heart.  Everyday, I hear stories or work with survivors.  Cancer is eating away our communities, and now it’s time for us—as a community to ‘fight, survive, and live with cancer’. 

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/milesperret


3 thoughts on “Wrapping Presents at Miles Perret Cancer Services

  1. What a wonderful initiative! You all did a great job with wrapping gifts. How long were you there? I noticed on your etsy site that you don’t have the beanies up yet. When will you have them? Love your button earring collection. I may have to get a pair or two. I like them all so I’m having difficulty choosing.

    • Didi! I loved it. I was there for 3 hours an dreally enjoyed myself. I will have beanies on the site after the holidays. I’ve been so busy making hats and scarves for my family and friends. I love the buttons too. I am looking for a lot of african prints and colors to make a few more buttons. How have you been doing? Isn’t time to loose the boot?

      • Yes I’ve lost the boot and have been doing physical therapy now for a week and a half, with crutches for the moment. It’s all good and things seem to be improving. It’s a bit tight down there but it’s going to get better with time. Your etsy shop is really looking good and can’t wait to order a beany in January. Merry Christmas and very Happy holidays! 🙂

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