Natural Hair: Green House Effect?!

So, I was speaking with one of my friends/co-workers (Chawana) yesterday and she told me about the “Greenhouse Effect” and how she was using this method to keep her natural hair moisturized. She handed me a section of her hair and I felt how soft and moisturized it was and I wondered what rock I was under to not know about this particular method. I thought—as a natural hair blogger and enthusiast—that I was knew all of the strategies and methods known to natural haired woman…but I guess not. I decided to jump on the YT to get some information about the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ and I wanted to share with you guys. I am thinking about starting a new Greenhouse Effect challenge for myself on the 15th of the month until the 15th of April.

I will keep you guys posted on what happens.

Before the videos…
Have any of you guys tried the Greenhouse Effect? Did you like it? Do you recommend it?

If you have, please share your answers in the comments section below or on my Facebook page @

 Now some videos I enjoyed on the Greenhouse Effect…

What I’m Currently Listening To:

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