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I really enjoyed this post from Toni Daley on YouTube.  She has an awesome idea that can help us to support one another in our business ventures.  I remember a time in my life where I had a few friends who owned their own businesses and could not prosper or have their businesses grow  because people did not support them–especially their peers.  This is why I believe Toni has an awesome idea here and I am trying to support her as much as I can.  If you have your own business or know someone who does, contact Toni.  I’ll link her video in this post.

“Why can’t we support our own, they way we support others?  Why are we harder on each other?  Why do we go out of our way for others but not each other?  We may not even notice we’re doing these things and that’s what this is about.  Let’s start asking ourselves these questions, being conscious of it and spreading awareness of it.  Let’s start the change together.” –Toni Daley

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5 thoughts on “From Around the Internet: Support a

  1. I loved her reply video who made nasty comments about her being married to The Boy. Really? I can’t believe people think they have the right to make comments on who someone is with in this day and age. Toni got her straight. So straight she pulled her FB account. lol!

      • I totally agree. You do what’s comfortable for you…I used to worry about acceptance, but learned if you accept yourself for what you do, it doesn’t matter what other people say. They recently aired a Cheerios commercial in the states using an Interracial couple and a beautiful little girl and everyone is up and angry about it. I never even noticed the couple was two races until people started going off on Twitter!

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