Product Review: Wen the Wen Works…A Complete Review of My Use of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Overall Impressions and How I Use the Product:

Wen the Wen Works…

And it did. And I love it. And I just had to share my experience with you after about two months of using the Cleansing Conditioner. If you can remember before, I was pretty skeptical about Wen because at the time I didn’t see a lot of natural hair models demonstrating use of the product. Since then, I’ve tried the product, and purchased it two times. In two months of using this product, my hair maintenance routine simplified to the point of me spending little to no time on my hair at all. I get accused of having a softer texture of hair that works well with Wen. That may be the case, but during this time, I’ve researched and found reviews of other naturals with a coarser hair texture than mine who swear by it. In the end, I guess each person has her own experience. I will share my experience with you and if you feel compelled to try the product, try it out.   I am sure you will be satisfied.


50% Blow Out using Wen, JBCO and a Heat Protectant


My hair after a week wearing this style…

Let me preface by saying that I only use the Cleansing Conditioner. This one product replaced multiple products that I use during wash day and everyday care of my hair. I apply the Cleansing Conditioner as a cleanser, a Deep Conditioner, a leave in Conditioner and a detangling cream.   And of course, this product performs quite well in all of these functions. I usually cleanse my hair once a week. I apply about 12 pumps of the product for cleansing. I’ll saturate my hair with water for a few minutes, divide my hair into four sections and use 4 pumps of the Cleansing Conditioner for each section of my hair. As it states on the instructions, I’ll splash a little water to equally distribute the product and leave it in for a few minutes. Sometimes, I’ll get out of the shower and get myself together for the day. After, I’ll rinse the product thoroughly out of my hair, making sure that the water from the shower head massaged my scalp to ensure that my hair and scalp are clean. After,  I divide my hair into sections again and using two pumps per section, I finger comb the product through my hair and then apply my conditioning cap. I’ll probably ride out the day, hiding my conditioning cap under a wig or a hat and just deep condition using my own body heat and the heat gathered from wearing the plastic cap. After deep conditioning, I’ll take my detangling comb and detangle my hair while rinsing out the product. At this point, the comb will glide through my hair and my whole detangling experience is simplified by using just one product. Last but not least, I’ll divide my hair into four sections one more time, and apply a pump per section for as a leave in. I’ll finger rake my hair to make sure the product is equally distributed and then after allowing the product to sit in my hair a few minutes, seal everything with my Jamaican Black Castor Oil. If I blow out my hair, I’ll apply a heat protectant and then proceed. If not, I’ll take the oil and twist my hair to allow it to air dry. During the week, to maintain my hair, I’ll spray the Lemongrass Leave In from Alikay Naturals and seal with Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Amla prior to styling or prepping my hair for bed. These are the only products that I’ve been using and I can honestly say that my hair is fuller and healthier than it’s ever been.



Week Old Hair Y’all!

I usually purchase the 16 oz. of the Cleansing Conditioner from QVC. In a two and a half month period, I’ve purchased the product two times. The price that I pay from QVC is $29.99 plus shipping. I started off with the Green Tea formulation of the product and now I’ve moved on to the Fig formulation because after research, I was able to confirm that the Fig formulation was made for people with my hair type. People believe that this price is pretty steep for a product, but I can honestly say, I am very satisfied with the price. I don’t have to purchase a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner or detangler. 4 products have been replaced with this one. If you do the math, when I purchase these four products separately, I end up spending significantly more than $30 dollars. I also do not have to purchase other items to keep my hair moisturized and conditioned during the week. I only use two items which are the JBCO and the Lemongrass Leave in from Alikay naturals. Since I am only using 3 products, I end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Wen2People often have complaints about the ‘pump’ method of applying the product to their hair because they feel as if they are using too much product. For me, it’s quite the opposite. When I poured product into my hands, I would use significantly more product than I am using now. I just purchased my second 16 oz. of Wen conditioning cream after my first purchase which was in the middle of May. A month and a half for 30 bucks seems like a deal for me. #ijs






 My Overall Comments About My Experience Using the Wen Cleansing Conditioner:

Wen3Since using this product, I’ve been accused of wearing a weave or a wig…lol. My hair is so much fuller, it’s thriving more and I am retaining a lot more length that I was before. My hair is so much easier to manage and I average about 5-10 minutes a day styling my hair except for when I want something crazy for a special event. The bottom line is: my whole routine was simplified with the addition of one product to my regimen. I don’t have to sit there and play with tons of products to get the desired look or moisture balance of my hair that I want. My hair is prettier, bouncier, and nicer than it ever was. I am no longer a skeptic and I am so excited to use this product and keep using it for as long as I can. LOL. This means a lot because I used to be a product junkie that would roll with the best of them.

  **and wait…hold up…while writing this review, I just found out that I can purchase Wen at Sephora…and it’s at my local Sephora!!  Why didn’t I know this!?  Hey Hey Hey…Wen Par-tay at Sephora!

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