Events: International Natural Hair Meetup Day

I didn’t have any plans on attending International Natural Hair Meetup Day because I thought that there were no events in the area.  A month before this particular event, I received an invite from the Bayou Beauties of Baton Rouge to attend their INHMD event in Baton Rouge and share information about the event with my subscribers.  Since Baton Rouge is only about 45 minutes from my home, I decided to gather up Chawana, show my support, and learn more about this remarkable organization.

Here is a slide show that I’ve created with some of the photos that I gathered before, during, and after the event.  I hope that you guys enjoy.

When arriving, I didn’t know what to expect.  The Guru is an interesting place.  It’s very curious from the outside…and because of that, I thought the event would be hosted outside…but when arriving, Anita–the co-organizer for the group, showed us to the inside, we walked in, and immediately, I was impressed.  The venue was quaint, artistic and interesting.


The Guru

Compared to other events that I’ve attended, this one was on par.  The group gave plenty of giveaways, had good food, an awesome raffle for a Q-Redew, beautiful poetry by Erika Elzy (which I definitely recommend), a group panel for demonstrations and Q&A,  a fashion show, motivational speech and my favorite part…a performance by Alexis Granville.


Alexis Granville singing one of my favorite songs “Four Women” by Nina Simone


Carla, founder of Bayou Beauties of Baton Rouge and Anita, the Co-Organizer for the group.

To say that this was the first event given by the Bayou Beauties, I was quite impressed.  It was organized well, the venue was perfect for the audience, and I loved the energy that Carla and the other members of the group and panel provided. My favorite portions of the event had to be the poetry ready by Erika Elzy, the portion of the fashion show that spotlighted little brown beauties, and the performance by Alexis Granville.   If I had to offer one suggestion, I would say that maybe there should have been a little more time for mix & mingle and less time for the guest motivational speaker.  I love interacting with other naturals and speaking to people who I’ve never met before, so my favorite part about meetups are the mix and mingle sessions were you can exchange notes and make new curl friends.

I want to finish off by thanking Carla and Anita for inviting me to this event.  Driving to Baton Rouge was well worth it and I hope to hang out with the Bayou Beauties again in the future.  If you guys are in the area, please show your support for the Bayou Beauties of Baton Rouge.  I am so excited that I was able to learn more about this organization and cannot wait to see successes such as this one in their future events.

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