Naturalista Spotlight: Kerdisha St.Louis from the KS Chronicles

It’s time for another Naturalista Spotlight and I am happy to share Kerdisha with you.  She is the author of the blog and vlog: theKSChronicles and is gorgeous!  Please follow her blog, vlog or follow her on social media and spread some love.  I hope that you enjoy the interview!

My name is Kerdisha St.Louis, hailing from the nature isle of the Caribbean, Dominica.

Any Shoutouts you want to give?  Shout out to Dominica #irep767


Why did you decide to wear your hair natural?
Going natural was something I decided to do in college. I was all about discovering myself and loving myself for who I am so embracing my natural hair felt right at that time. I made the decision early 2013.

Do you have any natural hair stories that you want to share?
One of the best memories i have of my hair was when my boyfriend ( who was skeptical at first) started randomly playing in my hair one day and said ‘i like it this way’. It really made me feel good because he liked my relaxed hair lol.


How did you educate yourself about natural hair?
I googled and  youtubed and pinterested the heck out of natural hair lol.

What type of routine do you follow?
My hair regimen is pretty simple. Every two weeks or so I detangle my hair with a cheap shampoo and plain old water put it in large loose two strand twists and cleanse my scalp. I do this with diluted sulfate free shampoo then I will rinse everything out and do a deep condition for an hour with either hair mayonnaise or Giovanni Direct Deeper Moisture Conditioner depending on what I think my hair needs. After a brief session in an old tee-shirt to absorb most of the water ill moisturize with Giovanni Direct Leave in conditioner, add a light oil such as sweet almond oil or Jaydee’s Naturals Whipped Shea Butter from my friend Jodie. After this I let my hair dry in braids to stretch it out and proceed to style for the week after it has dried to about 95%. I will moisturize during the week with my mix of or Giovanni Direct, water and aloe vera juice and seal with either an oil or whipped shea butter. At night i always try to go to bed in my satin bonnet.


What are your favorite hair products?
Giovanni direct leave in and deeper moisture conditioner and shea butter

Do you have any advice for our new naturals?
keep going. although it may get hard and frustrating all the challenges will be worth it in the end. it does get easier.


Do you have any regrets?
Once I trimmed my hair with a pair of scissors that were not for hair cutting… BIG mistake, I cut off wayy to much hair. Lesson learned.


How can we follow you and your hair?

I do have a blog its where I write about hair,makeup, diys and more.
You can also find me these places:

twitter: @thekschronicles

Instagram: @thekschronicles IMG_1097

FB:  @thekschronicles

YouTube: @thekschronicles

Pinerest: @thekschronicles




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