My Greenhouse Effect Experience Update

Ok, so I cheated.  I actually began the Greenhouse effect the same night after my post (March 5 instead of March 15).  I honestly did not know why I was so much in a hurry or in other words, why I could not wait until the 15th to begin.  The first night was not too bad, but I have to say, when you are playing with oils, make sure you change out of your good clothes and put on something you do not mind messing up.  I had some brand new skinny jeans from Victoria’s Secret on the day that I began.  I had to mention where they were from because the fit of these pants were amazing.  I got the skinny jean look with the high waist—so I wasn’t offending anyone when I sat down (I digress).  …and they were in teal… (I digress again). Well, I had an ‘oil spill’ on the left pant leg and now I cannot get it out.  If any of you guys know what I can do or use to get oil out of my clothing, please, please, let me know.


Anyway, I began my Greenhouse Effect journey on the same night and used Castor and Vatika Oil.  I made sure the oil was heavy on my edges and my ends.  I then sectioned my hair and made large twists.  I stretched them and pinned them down, covered my head with a plastic conditioning cap and covered with my satin bonnet. 


The night was okay; I noticed that I was sweating at the top of my head when I woke up.  I took the conditioning cap off and allowed my hair to air dry before taking down my twists.  My hair was very soft, elongated (stretched) and my curl pattern was very nice.  I was excited and did it for a couple of days in a row…


Then the itch started…


I started to get this weird itch on my scalp and knew it was time for a wash.  I guess the build up of heavy oils in my hair and possible sweating during the night contributed to the itch.  I had scalp itch but my hair was always beautiful and soft in the morning. 


What have I been doing lately?

I do not use the Greenhouse effect method every night anymore.  I try to at least 3-4 times a week with breaks in between—especially if I know I cannot get a good co-wash or wash in until the end of the week.


I have to recommend the Greenhouse Effect method with the warning of co-washing within a couple of days of doing it every night.  My hair stayed stretched and moisturized when I used this method, I was able to get awesome styles and I noticed far less shed and tangling.  I’ll continue this routine until the end of April and will let you guys know what has transpired so far. 


Do you guys know of any other methods that are being used to keep hair stretched and moisturized?  Have you tried them?  If so, what do you think?

 Some styles I was able to accomplish while using the Greenhouse Effect:

 Greenhouse 007 Greenhouse 001 Greenhouse 002 Greenhouse 003 Greenhouse 004 Greenhouse 005 Greenhouse 006 Greenhouse 011


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